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The has been a great deal of change in construction technology and architectural design.
Project & Building by Raisa & Peter, which arose from a merger of the experience of the architect Raisa and the builder Peter, which has now been active in Europe (Germany, Belgium, Spain and Portugal) for 18 years and in countries in the Americas for 30 years. It goes without saying that Project & Building is up-to-date with new trends in the field, and it continues growing, innovating and being increasingly-demanding of itself in a process of self-criticism, in this manner guaranteeing the quality of its designs and constructions, seeking the best while being attentive to everyone around it.
Determined to continue its sustained growth throughout Europe, it invests in infrastructure, human resources and technology. Our company has as its objectives architectural design preparation, demolition, construction, restructuring and remodelling, among other activities in the field, undertaken with quality, innovation and socio-environmental responsibility and employing the principal technologies and what is best in the market, this coupled with flexibility and efficiency on the basis of analysis of clients’ requirements. The integration of design and construction permits continuous cost-, timing-, and quality-control.
Innovation is bringing development for our country and to the world! Innovation starts by questioning the mission of the company itself, its strategy, its values, its internal processes and market requirements.


The very-highest quality in architectural design production, construction, restructuring and other activities in the field, attentive to the requirements of its clients and associates and with absolute socio-environmental responsibility


To be same level as the principal global actors of excellence and maximising results, evaluated on the basis of the following indicators:
• Productivity
• Quality
• Competitive costs
• Safety
• Profit optimisation


• Commitment
• Integrity
• Loyalty
• Quality
• Safety
• Environmental


We are committed to execute best social and sustainable environment practices together with our customers, suppliers, employees and within the community where we operate.

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